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Dr. Linda's Journey in Broadcasting

Dr. Linda, a seasoned radio professional, kick-started her broadcasting journey at Los Angeles’ renowned rock station, KBIG 104 FM, back in the spring of 1994, during a time before the internet had taken hold. As one of the pioneering radio psychics in the United States, she quickly gained popularity and was encouraged by the station’s creative director to launch her own show. Dr. Linda then brokered airtime, dedicating an hour each week to her program on a local AM station. After nine successful months, she was recruited by CRN Radio, a cable TV system, where she captivated audiences across up to 400 markets. The demand for her show led her to frequently broadcast 6-8 hours per week. Dr. Linda’s magnetic personality, wit, humor, wisdom, and, of course, her psychic accuracy entertained individuals from diverse backgrounds.

In 2005, Dr. Linda transitioned from Cable Radio back to FM, joining CBS’ KLSX 97.1 FM Talk and syndicating her show to numerous stations nationwide. She ultimately departed in February 2009 when CBS altered their talk format. Fast forward 14 years, after making guest appearances on various shows and attempting to establish programs on specific stations that weren’t the right fit, Dr. Linda has created her own online radio station. This platform allows her to stream many of her past shows, spanning from her earlier days to the present, featuring podcasts, interviews, and readings.

You can tune in to Dr. Linda’s radio station 24/7, providing continuous access to her content, including her weekly podcasts available on her YouTube channel. Dr. Linda eagerly invites you to subscribe @Dr. Linda Salvin. Feel free to join the live chat during her broadcasts or send an email if you’d like to share your testimonial on the air with her.

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