Great Grandkids Custody Battle Won with help of Candles!

I would like to share my testimonial about Linda’s candles. I recently had a family dilemma concerning my granddaughter’s children ages 2 and 5. They were taken away from her by the Child Protective Services for nearly two years. The decision for her to get them back looked very grim. She had to attend several parent classes which she had completed and still the decision… Read more “Great Grandkids Custody Battle Won with help of Candles!”

- Connie B.

Channeling of my ex and 2 babies

Good morning Dr. Linda, Thank you for yesterday’s session! It has been heavy on my mind all night and has opened my eyes even more to see signs & confirmations from my loved ones that have passed over. I am still in complete awe. Many of the things you mentioned yesterday, LITERALLY no one else knew or only Jeannot, Jeannell or baby Jeannot knew. It… Read more “Channeling of my ex and 2 babies”

Alner Smith

Candles miracle

I had a problem in the joints of my lower extremities with swelling, pain and inflammation. Dr. Linda very kindly started the Health candles. After the 1st one I was already better. After 2 sets of candles she burned for me, the problem is 90% improved and almost gone. Even with an ultrasound, the doctor could not diagnose what Dr. Linda found. My physician said… Read more “Candles miracle”

- Anonymous from Switzerland

Dr. Linda is the Truth

I apologize for the dropped call-it went silent on my end, but it didn’t hang up right away, that’s why I was asking if you could hear me. I’m not sure if it was my phone or not, but apologies either way. I didn’t pick up afterwards however because I was in the middle of a good cry, lol. You are the truth and I’m… Read more “Dr. Linda is the Truth”

- Tiffany O.

Helpful Reading

I recently had a 1 hour reading with Dr. Linda Salvin. It was very helpful. The information just flowed; I did ask some questions, but Linda was able to anticipate questions and give me relevant information before I even asked. She is clearly high energy. She also gave me helpful information and links to products for my family’s health after I asked. I appreciate this… Read more “Helpful Reading”


Obstacle Released! Candles Work!

Hi Dr Linda, I would like to say how grateful I am for your Wicks of Wisdom candles. They are very powerful and they really work! I was told by my employer that my position would be eliminated in a few months so I started applying for other positions within the company but I had no luck. I bought the Good Luck candles to assist… Read more “Obstacle Released! Candles Work!”

Denise Bello

Calmness and Magic

Hi Dr Linda, Hope you had a wonderful holiday. I’ve been watching your videos and testimonials and wanted to give an update. After lighting the initial candle, I did experience a sense of peace, feeling of being lighter as if a cloudy smudge was lifted from around my headspace during the past week. However, today, I started to feel an intense anxiety in my chest… Read more “Calmness and Magic”

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