Calmness and Magic

Hi Dr Linda,
Hope you had a wonderful holiday. I’ve been watching your videos and testimonials and wanted to give an update. After lighting the initial candle, I did experience a sense of peace, feeling of being lighter as if a cloudy smudge was lifted from around my headspace during the past week. However, today, I started to feel an intense anxiety in my chest region for no reason. I recall watching my candle burn with such fascination, and as I passed by the candle, it was almost as if something directed me quietly to use some of the oils and rub on my chest. I can’t explain but it was like something told me what to do. I recall you mentioning that each candle has its unique way of accomplish things, and at times if we tune in spirituality, we can see the magic.
I am here to attest as soon as I used the oils , the tightness immediately disappeared and the candle flame became a little brighter, as if saying; “You did it.” As a result, I have regained a sense of complete calmness within my mind and body and look forward to completing my candles.

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