Great Grandkids Custody Battle Won with help of Candles!

I would like to share my testimonial about Linda’s candles. I recently had a family dilemma concerning my granddaughter’s children ages 2 and 5. They were taken away from her by the Child Protective Services for nearly two years. The decision for her to get them back looked very grim. She had to attend several parent classes which she had completed and still the decision was not in her favor. The final decision was to be in late June 2023. So back in March I contacted Linda Salvin and she suggested the red Good Luck Power and white Sweetening Judgment sets of candles. I immediately ordered both sets and burned them with my petitions for my granddaughter. As of today, June 26, 2023, my granddaughter got her children back in her custody by the court. I am so thrilled and relieved and also believe the candles did work. People please don’t hesitate on ordering Linda’s candles for your private dilemmas and give them a chance. You have nothing to lose. Thank you Linda!

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