Linda received her Bachelor of Arts in Health Education from San Francisco State University in 1975 and went on to earn a Masters Degree in Public Health with a focus in Epidemiology and Environmental Health at the University of Michigan in 1977. She was ordained as a Doctor of Divinity in June, 1999 and awarded her Ph.D. in Metaphysics from the American Institute of Holistic Theology in 2008.

Upon graduating from the University of Michigan in 1977, she returned to her native Los Angeles, California where she secured a position as an Industrial Hygienist for General Dynamics.  Linda was responsible for creating and implementing a new industrial health program for 7100 employees at the Pomona aerospace facility.

            Nearly three years later, Linda went to work for an Insurance company as an Environmental Health Specialist in late 1980.

Dr. Linda Salvin was not born with psychic gifts. A series of devastating accidents transformed her life. A successful public health official, Linda survived a commercial airliner crash in 1981 while on company business.   As she slid down the emergency ramp, she experienced her first of three near death, out-of-body experiences as well as a loud voice she had never heard before.  Suggestions were made that would change her life forever.  This was the beginning of her transformation from her scientific background to her psychic and spiritual evolution.

 In 1982, while driving her car a fire truck hit her car and she had another out of body, near death experience.  A very traumatic auto accident brought her to the brink with the white-light experience in 1984.  During this third near death experience ‘the voice’ spoke again and offered her a choice to live or go into the light. While not fully understanding what was happening to her, Linda was becoming more and more psychic through each of these experiences.  It is what she now deems a form of initiation to work on the spiritual plane.

A major surgery in 1991 proved to be another life-altering experience.  It was during her own healing period she discovered she had been given healing abilities to help other people. With each of these experiences, her spiritual connection to the Universe and her psychic gifts began to grow.  In 1996, Dr. Linda again had surgery, this time the first of three surgeries to remove 100 tumors from her hips and thighs. While recuperating from the first surgery, she began channeling the other side, otherwise known as trans mediumship.  She has assisted bringing messages to those who have lost loved ones.

Eleven years passed after the plane crash before Linda would determine where she would become most satisfied and needed with the changes.  In 1982, she accepted a position at USC in Cancer Research but did not find fulfillment and left.  There were various non-Public Health related positions until 1988 when she became a Health Educator in charge of establishing the Drug Abuse Program at Cal State Northridge on a temporary assignment.  From there she went on to work with a program where she taught AIDS education to youth on parole with the California Youth Authority. 

Still not satisfied with her various positions and spiritual awakenings resulting from the accidents, she sought ways to integrate her education and experiences to assist others on this new holistic and metaphysical path.  Linda reached out to begin helping and healing others.  She turned her own challenges of adversity to inspire and guide people.

            In addition to developing an international following as a respected psychic, healer and channeler in private practice, she took her skills to a wider audience via radio in 1994.   Linda was selected out of 364 psychics for a nighttime station. She became the number one Radio Psychic long before the internet.  Her radio broadcasting career began as the nighttime psychic on Los Angeles’ KBIG 104-FM. Later she produced and hosted her own show on KIEV 870 AM in Southern California, prior to her move to syndication with CRNDigital Talk in over 350 markets. In 2004, she further syndicated her show nationally to another network of radio stations.  Salvin hosted her show, “The Inner You with Dr. Linda Salvin” every Sunday evening on Los Angeles’ KSLX 97.1 FM Talk for nearly five years. Linda answered an average of 50 calls in a two-hour broadcast, leaving the audience compelled for more.  She moved her show across town to KABC 790 AM and has now developed her own station on the internet at

      Throughout her career, Linda has been a guest on various radio and TV shows across the country including Coast-to-CoastAM with George Noory. Psychic Friends Network with Dionne Warwick, John & Leeza, Hard Copy, CNN-fn, The Conspiracy Zone with Kevin Nealon, Nine on the Town, news segments and more.  Linda appeared as herself in Mark Wexler’s movie, How To Live Forever in 2010, channeling Mark’s deceased mother. She has a few other acting credits to her name as well.

          In 1999, Linda created a spiritual candle line called Wicks of Wisdom, which work “…like a prescription for your soul.”® Her purpose is to help enhance health, finances, love, luck, peace and more in someone’s life via the ancient rituals of candles and oils.  She produced and aired a national TV infomercial for these candles.  To qualify her spiritual experiences, scientific background, training,  coupled with the science and magic of the candles, she earned her PhD in Metaphysics , a combination of theology and psychology. In February, 2009 a prominent New York Rabbi, Abraham Abraham, after hearing her on WOR radio, called Dr. Linda Salvin a prophetess.  Listen to Linda and she will touch your soul.

Abraham Abraham, after hearing her on WOR radio, called Dr. Linda Salvin a prophetess.  Listen to Linda and she will touch your soul.

         Known as a “psychic’s psychic”, fellow psychics consult her from cities across the United States. The testimonies of her work continue to flood her email, Facebook and radio show. Her show is a mix of sophisticated self-help advice, spiritual counsel and the wisdom provided by her special clairvoyant and spiritual visions. People from all walks of life seek her guidance—CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies, celebrities, professionals, office clerks, blue-collar workers—and everything in between. 

It’s where spirit meets reality or is it reality meets spirit. Talk to Linda and you will see.

Dr. Linda Salvin’s journey has been unique with three near death experiences, taking her from

science to psychic, public health to broadcasting and television and entrepreneurship with her candles.  A psychic, healer and medium, her passion is helping others achieve wholeness within them selves while combatting the daily challenges of life.   Enlightening others of the spiritual world, near death experiences, psychic phenomenon and the afterlife have become second nature for Dr. Linda Salvin.   Dr. Linda jokes that had she not lived it, she wouldn’t believe this story either.  Are you curious for more? She can be reached at 818 821 3322.

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