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Regarding:  Linda Salvin, MPH, PhD

I am providing this document on behalf of Dr. Linda Salvin; I have known Dr. Salvin for approximately 7 years, and am able to vouch for her character and clinical acumen with a high degree of confidence. She has a broad knowledge base and is robustly fluent in multiple recovery-orientated disciplines. She is extremely well- versed in the general principles and traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous, and is further experienced and knowledgeable in several of the more well matured derivative recovery programs (OA, Alanon, CODA); she is well versed in the more current methods espoused for weight management and some of the most well regarded behavior modification She is furthermore, highly experienced in working with clients in coping with the emotionally destabilizing difficulties which commonly follow the loss of a family member or spouse; she has for many years provided therapeutic support and spiritual counseling to individuals and families who have struggled and endeavored to negotiate the unique difficulties and challenges which can occasion the devastating aftermath of such events. She has extensive experience with groups in the various recovery traditions, and is fluent in CBT techniques, and has advocated for pet therapy as an effective therapeutic modality.

Dr. Salvin has worked extensively with and has a long, successful history of supporting members in these communities by providing one-on-one support and counseling, and has robust media experience; she has hosted nationally acclaimed radio programs, and worked in a similar format with new media delivery systems via Internet-mediated new technologies.

Dr. Salvin educational pursuits speak to her broad based skill set – her pursuits have provided her with a uniquely heterogeneous background which have laid a foundation for a unique amalgam of academic/social science problem solving skills with the empathic sensibilities which can be garnered by training in theological studies.

(B.A., San Francisco State University, Health Education;, 1975 MPH in Epidemiology, University of Michigan, 1977; PhD, Holistic Theology, American Institute Holistic Theology, 2008)

With wit, dry humor and her broad knowledge base garnered from years as the on-air and on-line radio host of shows focused on spirituality and awakenings, Dr. Salvin serves her clients with a clinical skill set that combines social sciences expertise with her ability to integrate faith-based and spiritual issues and a robust recovery-orientated background. Her platform and message are continuously relevant: her existing following encompasses individuals and families who have been affected by loss and those following the recovery-oriented paths to healing and growth.

I am able to render a very strong recommendation for Dr. Salvin, and would consider her an asset to any clinical setting. She would be a strong resource to any best-in-class clinical program or clinic.

O.J. Cartaya, M.D.

Author’s Background:

I am a board certified physician specializing in the field of psychiatry and neurology and have maintained a private practice in Santa Monica for approximately 18 years, and have specialized in the area as chemical dependency and recovery-oriented medical care since 1993; I served as Medical Director for the Daniel Freeman Marina Inpatient Recovery program Chemical Dependence program for a two-year tenure beginning in 1995, I have also held Medical Director positions at Los Angeles Metropolitan Hospital’s geriatric psychiatry program, and at Van Nuy’s Hospital Partial Hospitalization program (2 and 3 year tenures, respectively {1998 – 2000; 2001 – 2003}). I served as an assistant professor of psychiatry at UCLA’s Department of Social Psychiatry of Outpatient Psychiatry from 1993-1995, and supervised the Dual Diagnosis program at Los Angeles County’s Santa Monica West Mental Health Clinic during the 1993 to 1995 interval.


Dr. Cartaya received his medical training at USC’s School of Medicine and he completed his residency training at Harbor-UCLA, still one of Los Angeles’ busiest medical centers to this day. He was honored to receive the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) Fellowship in Cross-Cultural psychiatry in 1993-1994.

Disclosure: Dr. Cartaya has no past, current or future financial or referral relationship with Dr. Salvin.

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